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March - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on Special Message from Grandmaster C. S. Kim

Needless to say, our Grandmaster is concerned for each of us during this challenging time. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit this link to see an encouraging and special message from Grandmaster C. S. Kim Keep practicing daily and don’t lose your Tang Soo spirit. TANG SOO!!!

March - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on It’s Time to Fight Back!

As we’ve been reading and watching the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization), we understand this is going to take time and everyone’s cooperation. Our old way of life has been interrupted in a major way. So what do we do? The WHO has produced a great video to help us all do our part to fight back. It’s a simple 5 part message regarding our Hands (wash frequently), Elbow (cough/sneeze in elbow), Face (avoid touching), Distance (stay out of range to cough or sneeze of each other) and Feel (stay home and follow  [ Read More ]

March - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on New Virtual Schedule

Our new virtual schedule starts today! Tune in at your scheduled class time, and be ready for an actual class. Higher ranks – feel free to join in with any of our junior classes to get some extra review. Can you ever get enough review? Remember to clear as much space as possible for your class. If you are unable to make the live class time, you will still be able to access it at your convenience. We are also excited about the new tutorial videos that we’ve been producing with special thanks to Pastor Wallnofer. These are the videos  [ Read More ]

Student Section
March - 12 - 2020
Comments Off on Concerned about COVID-19?

Concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak? We are too. Here’s what we’re doing at the PTSDA Karate: We’ll be using Hand Sanitize before entering the mat. 60% or greater alcohol content is recommended – ours has 70% and includes aloe to help with skin irritation. We’re wiping down touch surfaces with sanitizer and spraying Lysol on soft surfaces, allowing time to dry. We’re mopping all floors with a leave-on anti-viral cleaner several times a week. If a staff member feels sick, we’re sending them home or encouraging them to stay away. If a child appears to be sick or is warm/hot  [ Read More ]

Tang Soo Do develops Balance, Peace of Mind and Confidence
March - 12 - 2020
Comments Off on Special Spring Break Schedule

Special Spring Break Schedule Since our family will be heading to the ITF Headquarters during Spring Break, we will have a special open class style schedule with a specific topic each day. Master Adele Gibson will be leading the Saturday class. Here’s what it looks like. Mon., March 16 – All Ranks 5:30-6:30pm (Basics) Tues., March 17 – All Ranks 5:30-6:30pm (Forms) Wed., March 18 – All Ranks 5:30-6:30pm (One- Step Sparring) Thurs., March 19 – All Ranks 5:30-6:30pm (Review) Sat., March 21 – All Ranks Sparring (9am), Master & Black Belt (10am) Tiny Tigers will still have their normal  [ Read More ]

February - 10 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster C. S. Kim Seminar Reminders

We are just a few weeks away from an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Grandmaster C.S. Kim along with Technical Advisory Members will be conducting Tang Soo Do seminars at Central Karate (Baton Rouge, La) on Sat., Feb 29. Here are a few helpful reminders. Registration is directly to Central Karate. Registration deadline is Feb 17. Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your seminar. See Schedule. Make sure that your uniform is clean and has ITF school patch on it. There will be a meet, greet and pictures with Grandmaster Kim following your seminar. However, Red Belts & Cho  [ Read More ]

February - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Gulf Coast Martial Arts Championship – Feb 8th

Our first local tournament of 2020 is almost here. This fun tournament will be held in Crestview, FL. Unfortunately, Kyo Sa Nim DuFour and myself will not be in attendance due to our son’s birthday. We want to encourage our members to still go and have a great time at the tournament. For more information, please visit here

February - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Testing is Almost Here!

It’s hard to believe that testing starts next week. Below is a road map to the actual exam. *Pre-Test #1 – 2/6/20 *Pre-Test #2 – 2/10/20 Upon qualifying to test, here are the test day/time options. Green- Blue Belts 2/13/20 (3pm) or 2/14/20 (6pm) White – Orange Belts 2/14/20 (3pm) or 2/15/20 (9am) *Students must qualify at our Pre-Test to be permitted to attend the actual belt test. To qualify, students must demonstrate knowledge of requirements, effort and great attitude. Each student will have two separate class days to qualify.

January - 27 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster Kim Seminar Update

The schedule has changed for Grandmaster C. S. Kim’s seminars in Louisiana. It’s still on Feb 29th, but read below for the time changes for your rank. *Check In 8-8:15am (Master & Black Belt Only) *Opening Ceremony (non Master & Black Belts are not required to be in attendance) 8:15-8:30am *Master & Black Belt 8:30-10:30am *White, Yellow, Orange 11am-12:30pm *All Green Belts 1-2:30pm *All Blue & Red Belts 3-4:30pm Pre-Registration deadline is Feb 17th.

January - 15 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster C. S. Kim Seminars – Feb 29th

We are excited to announce that Grandmaster C. S. Kim along with Technical Advisory members will be traveling to Central Karate (Baton Rouge, La) on Feb 29th. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the best! For scheduling information, registration and hotel accommodations, please visit this page