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September - 21 - 2020
Comments Off on Clean Up – Mon & Tues

Hope you are all safe. We finally made it back last night and are glad to be home. 🙁🙁🙁 Pensacola got hit hard. Our community has been working around the clock to get up and running. Our family spent Sunday working on our house. We were fortunate to not get a lot of damage. We plan to head out and assess the dojang on Monday. If you would like to help, come by after 1pm. We will need the morning to evaluate and formulate our plan of action. Feel free to call ahead or stop in if you plan to  [ Read More ]

September - 9 - 2020
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We are a few weeks into our new school year, and I believe all of us could use some renewal of our minds and bodies. The new school semester along with COVID 19 has presented a slew of challenges for all of us. No details needed, right? To help us manage our frustration and road to burnout, let’s adopt some strategies to help us refresh ourselves. Here are my top 3 tips to recharge your batteries Get Out in Nature – go for a hike, swim in the river or kayaking are great ways to recharge your batteries. There’s something  [ Read More ]

September - 2 - 2020
Comments Off on *Important – Mark Your Calendars*

In the upcoming week, Our family will be out of town. From Sept 10-15 there will be no in person or ZOOM classes. However during our time away, I will be uploading special filmed classes to our Facebook Live Group, PTSDA Karate Virtual Classes (Sept 10, 14, 15). Mon., Sept 7 – Labor Day (closed) Thurs., Sept 10 (closed) Mon., Sept 14 (closed) Tues., Sept 15 (closed)

August - 31 - 2020
Comments Off on Kindness

Our challenge this week for all of us is to spread kindness wherever we go. Start with being kind to ourselves through our self talk and care. Like a pebble dropping in a pond, we will be the ripple effect of kindness in our community and beyond.   Here are my top 3 tips with kindness1. Smile – as you go about your day, give a smile to others around. It’s really infectious and rather contagious. Be the sunshine in others life through your beautiful smile. 2. Listen – when others speak, listen to understand not respond. We all want  [ Read More ]

August - 25 - 2020
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Who out there loves to learn? Me too. It’s fun to learn new things. Life is filled with learning opportunities. Whether it’s a new form in class or discovering something new about the world we live in. Obviously, learning isn’t just for our kiddos. As adults, we can continuously grow ourselves through learning too. Here are my top 3 tips with learning Rest & Nutrition – having a good night’s rest and a proper diet, we will be bright eyed and bushy tail when approaching learning. Patience – some areas of learning will come natural to us, while other will  [ Read More ]

August - 19 - 2020
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Isn’t it easy to get in the mindset of having fun on just weekends, vacations and holidays? Our goal this week is to smile more often and simply have more fun in general. Here are my top 3 tips with fun1. Mindset is key – where our focus goes our energy flows. Find the positive in what you are doing and go with it. With a positive attitude you will have way more fun. 2. Make it a Goal – it’s easy to get too serious and stressed out in life. Make it a priority to have fun wherever you  [ Read More ]

August - 12 - 2020
Comments Off on Slow Down To Go Faster

I simply love the old saying, Slow Down to Go Faster. At first glance, the statement seems contradictory. By digging deeper and applying it, one can really benefit from this concept. Here are a few ideas to use this idea in your next practice session. Basics – slow it way down and analyze your breathing, chambers, posture, execution, stances, balance, etc. Forms – by letting your foot off the gas pedal, you will begin to work on improving the mechanics of your techniques. More purpose of your movements will begin to reveal themselves. One-Step Sparring – think about the concept  [ Read More ]

August - 10 - 2020
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Doesn’t it feel great when you achieve balance? Perhaps, it’s just simply replacing wobbling with stability. Often times, it can be a simple adjustment to get us centered. Here are my top 3 tips with balance Focus on one thing – focus your eyes on one point. Push away distractions and think about what you are doing. Focused mind = focused body. Stay Centered – our head is like a bowling ball. Tip it too far in any direction and falling in that direction is inevitable. Keep your head and spine aligned. Analyze – if you find yourself off balance  [ Read More ]

August - 2 - 2020
Comments Off on Training Tip – Practice

We all know that practice is essential to growth in Tang Soo Do. The challenge that most people face is getting started and staying on track. Here are my top 5 tips regarding practice. Know Your Why – Having purpose to practice is important. What is yours? Make It a Habit – Not practicing can be a habit too. Start small (twice per week for 5 min) with this new positive habit. Be Specific – Be sure to be specific with what you want to improve during your practice time. Make it Fun – Try practicing in the water, beach  [ Read More ]

July - 27 - 2020
Comments Off on Expectations

Do you ever feel like you are not meeting your expectations? Is it possible to set high expectations without setting ourselves up for failure? With the right plan and mindset, I feel we can. Here are my top 3 tips with expectations Be Clear – how can we hit the mark, when expectations are not clear? Be specific with all involved with what you envision to accomplish. Be Realistic – this is the one that can really knock us off the horse. When setting expectations, we need to be realistic. Be willing to modify expectations if they are not. Be  [ Read More ]