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August - 2 - 2020
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We all know that practice is essential to growth in Tang Soo Do. The challenge that most people face is getting started and staying on track. Here are my top 5 tips regarding practice. Know Your Why – Having purpose to practice is important. What is yours? Make It a Habit – Not practicing can be a habit too. Start small (twice per week for 5 min) with this new positive habit. Be Specific – Be sure to be specific with what you want to improve during your practice time. Make it Fun – Try practicing in the water, beach  [ Read More ]

July - 27 - 2020
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Do you ever feel like you are not meeting your expectations? Is it possible to set high expectations without setting ourselves up for failure? With the right plan and mindset, I feel we can. Here are my top 3 tips with expectations Be Clear – how can we hit the mark, when expectations are not clear? Be specific with all involved with what you envision to accomplish. Be Realistic – this is the one that can really knock us off the horse. When setting expectations, we need to be realistic. Be willing to modify expectations if they are not. Be  [ Read More ]

July - 20 - 2020
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How many of you enjoy tests? I would venture to say that most people would rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane than take a test. Can we change this feeling of anxiety into a feeling of excitement? Here are my top 5 tips to actually enjoy testing. Build Confidence NOT Fear – through consistent practice you will build confidence in your abilities. When you don’t practice, you feel a sense of fear and anxiety. Mindfulness in Moment – during your classes and test, simply give your best on whatever you are doing. Leave mistakes behind and the future  [ Read More ]

July - 13 - 2020
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As a child, I loved the muppets character Animal. He was wild and played the drums with such vigor. Trying to follow in his foot steps, I begged my parents to play the drums. They shattered my dreams by signing me up to learn the trumpet. Major bummer. I reluctantly played the trumpet and through time started to make progress. The progress that I experienced was directly linked to my quality practice time. I’ll never forget the great feeling of starting to connect the dots. In Tang Soo Do, you come to class and receive instruction. Most students will stop  [ Read More ]

Don't miss the bus!
July - 13 - 2020
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Since last week, our superintendent has given us a clearer picture of what this school year looks like. We are adapting our program to keep it safe as possible and to continue to provide options for our community. There will be some changes due to modifications from the pandemic. Before and After for Beulah & Kingsfield Elementary and Beulah Middle. We are discontinuing pick up from Pine Meadow, Jim Allen and Ransom Middle School. Remote Learning Day Camp Option is available (limited space). Registration is open and available now. Follow this link to secure your child’s spot in our program.  [ Read More ]

July - 9 - 2020
Comments Off on TESTING…What’s That Again?

DID YOU KNOW that belt testing is going to be at the end of this month? We will conduct Pre-Tests the week of July 20-23. A student must qualify during a Pre-Test in order to test for their next rank. Qualifying will occur when a student demonstrates knowledge of their skills (ie. Basics, Forms, One-Steps and Self Defense) along with effort and good attitude. Once qualifying, students will have an opportunity to test the week of July 27-30 (during class time). Due to our structure, we will plan on using both days to test our students. Summer Camp children will  [ Read More ]

July - 8 - 2020
Comments Off on Team Family

Having a healthy family is not an easy task. By including our family in the goal of healthy living, we can turn it into a teamwork setting. Chow Time Include kids on planning healthy meals for the week. Encourage chewing food slower to enjoy. Turn Off distractions (TV, Phone, etc) while you eat. Choose healthier foods Active Together Go for a daily bike ride or walk. Play a game of catch together. Tag-you’re it! Do household chores together and show them how you can make it fun. Being healthier is a great goal for all of us. Including our family  [ Read More ]

July - 6 - 2020
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Have you ever been in a point in your life and felt like a ship without a rudder? Continuously spinning in circles? Finding a clear course in life is important for all of us. However, finding it is not an easy task. What is your passion? Discover what you enjoy and pursue it. Life is too short to live in regret. Willing to Fail? When chasing your dreams, you will hit brick walls and find yourself on your back from the fall. Be willing to fall, learn from it and get back up. Give It Away Now Whether you find  [ Read More ]

June - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on Training Tip – Isolate

Have you ever felt a lack of confidence in your training? Maybe it’s a section of a form or perhaps executing a specific technique. We’ve all experienced this feeling. Your training tip for the week is a great solution for this problem. With commitment and patience you will start to see positive results. I like to refer to it as Isolation Training. Here’s how it works… 1. Get Specific – clearly identify the area of your training that you desire to improve. 2. Wax On Wax Off – practice just that area slowly and repeatedly. 3. Patience Grasshopper – dig  [ Read More ]

June - 29 - 2020
Comments Off on What is PMA?

Having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is easy to have when everything is going our way. When times are tough (like now), we need to double down on nurturing our PMA. So, how can we get and stay positive? The late Zig Ziglar would often say that your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. So true. Here are a few tips to help us get on the right track. Guard Your Intake – a steady diet of negativity breeds negativity. Fill your cup each day with positivity. Give – nothing helps our attitude and well being more than  [ Read More ]