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February - 10 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster C. S. Kim Seminar Reminders

We are just a few weeks away from an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Grandmaster C.S. Kim along with Technical Advisory Members will be conducting Tang Soo Do seminars at Central Karate (Baton Rouge, La) on Sat., Feb 29. Here are a few helpful reminders. Registration is directly to Central Karate. Registration deadline is Feb 17. Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your seminar. See Schedule. Make sure that your uniform is clean and has ITF school patch on it. There will be a meet, greet and pictures with Grandmaster Kim following your seminar. However, Red Belts & Cho  [ Read More ]

February - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Gulf Coast Martial Arts Championship – Feb 8th

Our first local tournament of 2020 is almost here. This fun tournament will be held in Crestview, FL. Unfortunately, Kyo Sa Nim DuFour and myself will not be in attendance due to our son’s birthday. We want to encourage our members to still go and have a great time at the tournament. For more information, please visit here

February - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Testing is Almost Here!

It’s hard to believe that testing starts next week. Below is a road map to the actual exam. *Pre-Test #1 – 2/6/20 *Pre-Test #2 – 2/10/20 Upon qualifying to test, here are the test day/time options. Green- Blue Belts 2/13/20 (3pm) or 2/14/20 (6pm) White – Orange Belts 2/14/20 (3pm) or 2/15/20 (9am) *Students must qualify at our Pre-Test to be permitted to attend the actual belt test. To qualify, students must demonstrate knowledge of requirements, effort and great attitude. Each student will have two separate class days to qualify.

January - 27 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster Kim Seminar Update

The schedule has changed for Grandmaster C. S. Kim’s seminars in Louisiana. It’s still on Feb 29th, but read below for the time changes for your rank. *Check In 8-8:15am (Master & Black Belt Only) *Opening Ceremony (non Master & Black Belts are not required to be in attendance) 8:15-8:30am *Master & Black Belt 8:30-10:30am *White, Yellow, Orange 11am-12:30pm *All Green Belts 1-2:30pm *All Blue & Red Belts 3-4:30pm Pre-Registration deadline is Feb 17th.

January - 15 - 2020
Comments Off on Grandmaster C. S. Kim Seminars – Feb 29th

We are excited to announce that Grandmaster C. S. Kim along with Technical Advisory members will be traveling to Central Karate (Baton Rouge, La) on Feb 29th. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the best! For scheduling information, registration and hotel accommodations, please visit this page

January - 7 - 2020
Comments Off on New Year – New Classes

We are excited about the new year and two new changes at the PTSDA Karate. Take a look. New Master & Black Belt Class – Saturdays (10-11am)We are shifting our advanced only class from Monday to Saturday. We feel this adjustment will make the class more accessible to advanced students. If you are a PTSDA Karate Master or Black Belt, we will have a mandatory meeting and class this Sat., Jan 11th. No excuses – Be there. New Black Belt Prep Class – Tuesdays (6:40-7:30pm)This new class will be held on Tuesdays for students that our Green and above. It  [ Read More ]

December - 28 - 2019
Comments Off on Special Schedule Dec 30-Jan2

We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas. Kyo Sa Nim Dufour has surprised me with a few days away with the family in the mountains. Below is the special schedule for this week. *Mon., Dec 30th – Review Class Tiny Tigers w/ Ms Anna (4:20pm), Mrs. Ryder & any other Blue Belt or Higher to help students at 5 & 5:50pm class. No 6:40pm class *Tues, Dec 30th & Wed,. Jan 1st CLOSED *Thurs., Jan 2nd Review Class ALL RANKS 5:30-6:30pm Only. No Morning Class *Sat., Jan 4th – Sparring (9am), Forms & Breaking (10am) We  [ Read More ]

December - 16 - 2019
Comments Off on Giving

As many of you probably did growing up, my Christmas list was in full swing by this time of year. It’s very normal to just think about ourselves. Thankfully, my parents taught me to think outside myself and give. Often times, the giving was more about time and love. Here are a few examples of what we did. 1. Visit others – We would go visit retirement homes or hospitals to brighten their day. The look of pure gratitude on their faces is forever ingrained in my mind. 2. Make a Card – We would make cards to send to  [ Read More ]

December - 2 - 2019
Comments Off on Belt Promotions & Christmas Party

It’s almost here! Our Belt Promotions & Christmas Party will be held at the Beulah Freewill Baptist Church on Fri., Dec 13 (6pm). After the promotions, we will have our annual potluck dinner and party in the fellowship hall. A sign up sheet is now available in the main area of the dojang. For those that want to participate, we will also have a gift exchange ($10). We look forward to seeing you and your family at this exciting event!

December - 2 - 2019
Comments Off on Goals

How did you do with your goals in 2019? Did you achieve all or most of them? As we steadily move toward 2020, why not start now in setting some smart goals. First, what makes a goal SMART? Glad you asked. S – Specific M – MeasurableA – AccountableR – RealisticT – Timeline Once you’ve set your smart goals, here are my top three tips to help you achieve them.1. Read it Daily – Put your goals on your mirror, fridge, etc. 2. Plan for Success – Develop a realistic game plan that will help you achieve your goal.3. Small  [ Read More ]