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Posted by Master Dufour on October - 18 - 2016 | Comments Off
Have you ever been in a class and your confidence was off the charts?  You were very familiar with the concepts; therefore, it was an enjoyable experience. I remember my freshman year in college and having the exact opposite feeling in my accounting class.  It was like the professor was speaking a different language and it was definitely not Korean :)   My confidence was low due to my lack of connection with what was being communicated to me.  The lack of connection made it a grueling process.  It was not fun to say the least.
Fast forward to my junior year in college.  I was required to take a Math course due to my major.  Now, you must understand that Math was not one of my strongest subjects coming up through grade school.  However, I had a wonderful professor that I could relate to.  He was a bit eccentric and I was able to connect with what was being taught in the class.  Due to this connection, I looked forward to the class.  My confidence grew and I even contemplated taking more Math courses.
It’s interesting how the connection between the professor and myself had a direct impact on building my confidence in a previously unsuccessful subject.  Each of us have areas in our life where we seek more confidence.  In what area of your life do you want to improve your confidence?  Is there a lack of connection that’s stopping you from building confidence?
Here are five quick tips to help improve confidence:
1.  Begin With Success in Mind – start with an attitude of I CAN DO THIS!
2.  Focus – Be sure to have a balance of rest, exercise and healthy diet to help you be your best.
3.  Take Baby Steps – one day at a time is a great way to approach challenging projects or goals.
4.  Remember Past Victories – falling back on previous victories can help give you the needed boost.
5.  Do the Work – nothing builds confidence like being prepared.
Good luck this week on your journey to self improvement.  Ready, Set…Time to Grow!

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