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Posted by Master Dufour on October - 18 - 2016 | Comments Off
 Someone once asked the late Bruce Lee about which exercises he recommended to improve the side kick.  He said,  “If you want to improve your side kick, then do side kicks.” Well said.
I would like to break down a few quick steps to help us improve this awesome kick.
1.  Start by holding on to a chair or wall to help you with balance.
2.  Chamber your kicking foot in front of the supporting knee.
3.  Pivot your supporting foot so that your heel is facing towards your target.
4.  Slowly extend your kicking foot.  Be sure that your body (supporting leg, upper body, shoulder and kicking leg) is lined up.
5.  Unpivot the supporting foot and slowly rechamber your kicking leg in front of the supporting knee.  Be sure to not drop the foot after the kick.  (Rechambering the leg helps with balance and ability to kick again.)
6.  Set the kicking foot down.
Note – Practice 25 x’s on both your left and right side.  Be sure to take your time and focus on proper technique.  Since our body is memorizing what we do, we should go ahead and make it memorize excellence.

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