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Posted by Master Dufour on August - 25 - 2017 | Comments Off

On a weekly basis, we focus on personal safety issues at the dojang.  As we know, the topic of safety has a broad spectrum.  It can range from personal safety all the way to safety from severe stormsAs a parent, we have double duty.  We strive to provide safety for both our children and ourselves.   A lot of times it can be the simplest things that we overlook that can jeopardize our safety.  Below are a few tips to help get us on the right track with personal safety.

1.   Be Aware!
Be alert to your surroundings in all environments (i.e. home, work, parking lot, store, etc).  Stay in tune and don’t let your guard down.  If something looks or feels off, most likely it is.  Go back and ask for someone to assist you to your vehicle.

2.  Walk With Confidence!
Walking with a sense of purpose will often times deter a potential threat.  Don’t appear weak.  It a jungle out there and you don’t want to be an easy target.

3.  Cut Back On Distractions!
Our cell phones can be a huge distraction.  By turning our focus to our surroundings, we are more likely to pick up on something or someone that seems out of place.

4.  Have a Plan
If someone approaches you, do you have a general plan of what you will do?  Have you set boundaries for yourself?  If someone attempts to take you somewhere else, do you know how to escape?  Again, we work on our plan on a weekly basis.  Learn some basic self-defense skills and practice them often. 

5.  Social Media
Be careful in giving too much personal information over social media.  Unfortunately, there are individuals out there that use the information that we provide to take advantage of us.

I feel a lot of safety issues can be avoided by using common sense.  Like the scouts motto, Be Prepared.  Good luck with improving the overall safety for you and your family

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