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What do I need to do?
We’re glad you asked.  Be in class this week for extra review.  Before a student is allowed to test at our school, they must qualify at our Pre-Testing.

What is Pre-Testing?
Simply put, pre-testing helps to confirm your student’s eligibility. Your student will demonstrate their basic material (basics, forms, etc.). They will need to pass in each subject to receive their Eligibility Form. Your student’s attitude and effort will also be noted during this time.

When is Pre-Testing?

  • Pre-Test 2 – Monday, Nov 5th  The pre-test will be during your student’s normal class time.

What to do if my child qualified at Pre-Test 1?
If your child qualified, they can attend review class.  An purple eligibility form was presented to them and needs to be completed & returned no later than Wed., Nov 8th.

Traditional students will return form to the pro shop area drop box.  After School Program students will return their form to the checkout station drop box.

What if my student didn’t qualify at Pre-Test 1?
If they didn’t qualify or attend on Thursday, the last opportunity to Pre-Test is today.

What if my child doesn’t qualify at all?
This indicates the student needs more training time and assistance in their training. When a student doesn’t qualify at the Pre-Test level, it helps the student avoid embarrassment and discouragement in their training.

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