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Posted by Master Dufour on February - 6 - 2018 | Comments Off

Growing up, each of us learned different etiquette (manners) from our parents. At times, it may have seemed quite annoying. Elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, etc.   All that nitpicking paid off immediately when someone else noticed our good manners. A feeling of positive pride and gratitude stirred within us. Ultimately, we began to understand that the manners were helping us become a better person.

This same idea is found in Tang Soo Do. We constantly remind students about sitting up straight, yes sir/ma’am, bowing in properly, respect for seniors, etc. It takes effort and discipline. Etiquette is really rather simple if you think about it. It is all about Respect. Like anything we do, it will take practice and awareness. Observe your seniors and ask questions to improve your etiquette.

Looking forward to an awesome week of improving our Tang Soo Do manners. Ready, set, time to grow!


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