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Posted by Master Dufour on January - 22 - 2018 | Comments Off

We have all heard patience is a virtue.  Of course, the desire to have the Yoda-like patience is there, but life seem to happen.  Sometimes it happens hard.  You know what I mean.
To get us on the right track, I would like to humbly share my top 5 tips to improve our patience.

  1. Life is NOT an emergency  Once we get this down, we can enjoy it more.  Slow down, breathe and find the beauty in life.
  2. Why Am I So Impatient?   Discovering the answer to this question will help one discover what things might need adjusting to allow more peace and less frustration.
  3. Rise Above It!  When the blood starts to boil, take a breath and mentally rise up a 1,000 feet in the air and look down at the situation.  This provides us the needed prospective to have more patience and make good choices.
  4. Work It Out!  Preventative medicine is where it is at.  Go for a walk, lift weights, come to class, etc.  Do something to help you release the stresses of life and to provide you with more patience.
  5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  This is not only a great philosophy but a great book.  The book has lots of wonderful ideas to help an individual be more peaceful in their everyday life.

Patience is like any Tang Soo Do skill.  The more we work at it the better we are.  Remember, there is no try only do!

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