As many of you probably did growing up, my Christmas list was in full swing by this time of year. It’s very normal to just think about ourselves. Thankfully, my parents taught me to think outside myself and give. Often times, the giving was more about time and love.

Here are a few examples of what we did.
1. Visit others – We would go visit retirement homes or hospitals to brighten their day. The look of pure gratitude on their faces is forever ingrained in my mind.
2. Make a Card – We would make cards to send to both family and friends in and outside our country.
3. Food & Clothing Drive – giving away needed foods and/or clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. It’s simple but it will help someone in need.
4. Go Caroling – I am no singer, but we would go and pass the Christmas cheer through music.

So thankful my parents taught me the valuable lesson of giving. Most often the gifts that last a lifetime are the ones that come from the heart.