One of the many things that I thoroughly enjoy about my Instructor, Choong Jae Nim C. S. Kim, is his desire for quality. On many occasions, I’ve been in his class with Masters and Black Belts and we didn’t get past choon bee (ready stance) for about ten minutes.

His desire for excellence comes out in his teaching and through his personal demonstration of how to preform Tang Soo Do. Many of you have not had the privilege training with him yet, so here are a few tips I have learned under his direction.

He constantly reminds us to take our time and do it right. There is no race with quality. Be the the turtle.

Don’t let your mind wander during class. Stay focused and in the moment. It will take discipline, but through consistent effort it will pay off.

When your Instructors demonstrate skills, watch carefully. Listening is very important, but watching is even more important. I’m always in awe by the amazing example my Instructor provides me.

We all enjoy quality people and things in life. Let’s take the necessary steps to help improve our personal quality by slowing down, being mindful and observing. Aristotle was right when he said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”File May 23, 1 10 49 PM