Over the course of world history, we have experienced countless changes. Some for the better and others not so better. We are currently in the middle of a lot of change. You can see it and feel it. Hopefully, our world can come out the other end of all this for the better.

When you look at the news and social media, it can quickly arouse different emotions for each of us. Many divisions are being created.

I’m simply using this platform to encourage everyone to simply love. Hate brings about more hate. We are all one. Nobody is superior to anyone else.

One of the many things that I love about the dojang is that it acts as a sort of utopia. It doesn’t matter your skin color, religious choice or income bracket, you are treated equally with love and respect.

This week, I’m encouraging everyone to chose love over hate. Kindness over being right. Let’s all be the change that we desire to see in our changing world.