Make Your Fun

One of the best ways to manage our stress, build relationships and keep a positive attitude is through having fun. You might even think, how can we begin to think about having fun in a time like this?

It’s understandable. Having fun is often something most adults put on the back burner. So what do you like to do for fun… Has it been too long since you’ve actually had fun?

Try these fun ideas for something to brighten up your week:

  • Coloring – they have adult coloring books that can be lots of fun.
  • Gardening – get some seeds and try growing herbs, vegetables and/or flowers.
  • Try a New Hobby – what’s something that you’ve always wanted to try? Go for it.
  • Game Night – break out the board games and have some family fun.
  • Have a Beach Day – take a personal day or get the family and have a fun day at the beach.
  • Adventure Walk – plan a fun walk in nature and see what you can discover.

Life can get busy, crazy, very serious and very stressful. Making plans to have fun should be a part of our mental health plan. Make a plan this week to go have fun. You won’t regret it. 🙂