One Step at a Time

I can venture to say that we are all familiar with the famous Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu’s quote,”The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”OK great you may say. I don’t need fortune cookie riddles thrown at me during this pandemic. Got it. But, hear me out though.

Do most mornings feel like you are headed out on another thousand mile journey? Lots of unknown territory and wow we shouldn’t have packed so much baggage (i.e. anger, fear, anxiety). This journey through this pandemic is and has been scary. Trying to stay strong, keep our families spirits up, doing the work and not falling victim to the circumstances is exhausting.

Try starting each day with a single step, then another, then another. Pack only the essentials (i.e. love, hope, strength) each morning and set out on your journey. When it feels like you can’t go any further, just remember to focus on one step at a time. Look around and see that we are in this journey together. You can do it!