Training Tips

We are excited to see more families starting class and/or working out. Keeping our mind and body in great shape is a wonderful goal. Here are a few tips to help us keep on the right track.

  • Start Small – motivation is high when starting a new exercise. It’s the honeymoon stage. Enjoy it. However, try to avoid injury and/or burn out by taking it easy. Baby steps:)
  • Be Patient– we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing this will help us to avoid the pitfall of comparing ourselves to others. Try simply enjoying the process of struggling at times. Keep telling yourself, I can and will do it.
  • Mix It Up – try changing up your workout routines. Swimming, yoga, martial arts, weight lifting, cycling, etc. The variety is great for your mind and body.

Working out and the results from it are wonderful. Start small, be patient and mixing it up will help you stay on track with living your best life.