I’ll never forget the time I had to get stitches under my nose. The memory is very vivid. The year was 1979 and I was waiting in the car with my dad at the doctor’s office.

My mother, who was pregnant with my sister, was inside for a checkup. I needed to go inside and use the restroom. My Dad gave some sound advice, “Don’t run.” All I heard was run. As I ran toward the doctor’s office, I tripped and fell face first on the brick steps. Ouch!

With blood everywhere, they sent me to the ER to get sewn up. There were three stitches to be exact. How do I remember this detail you ask? Since it itched so bad, I removed them myself three days later. My poor parents.

Everything healed up fine and I have a few small scars under my nose as a reminder. We all have some type of scar tissue from previous incidents. Sometimes, it’s the ones that are on the inside that hurt the most. Allowing a healing process for our wounds both inside and out is so important for moving forward. It simply takes time.

Once healed we have our scars to remind us that we are human and what to do in the future. In this time of our history, I feel we all need a time of healing. So much turmoil has transpired in our world. Like you, I’m ready for healing. I’m ready for our nation to be better.

We don’t have to agree with each other on all topics. However, can we listen to each other without judgement? Can we seek peace and unity vs being right? Healing takes time and effort. Let’s start today with a commitment to be better. I’m ready…are you?