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October - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on Gulf Coast MA Championship

Master Gordon’s event is back with new location and all!! This has been an interesting year for all of us! This tournament will do double duty. First, it will serve to closeout 2019-2020 season. Points from Sept 19, and Feb 20 will count towards this tournament to award 2019-2020 winners. This year they are awarding swords! They will also use this tournament to launch their 2020-2021 tournament season. Meaning points count twice!!Sparring has never been mandated and still isn’t. They will offer their normal divisions of musical, weapons, forms, self defense, and sparring. For more information, please visit

October - 29 - 2020
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With testing right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to discuss testing and ways we can make it more enjoyable.   Prepare for Success – by consistently practicing and attending class, you are setting yourself up for an enjoyable testing experience. Things like suitable rest, hygiene, exercise and nutrition are also important contributing factors to your success.   Visualize Success – this is a very powerful tool. Highly successful people use it all the time. Picture yourself doing well on each aspect of your exam. We tend to gravitate toward where we focus. So why  [ Read More ]

October - 28 - 2020
Comments Off on Tropical Storm Zeta Update

As Tropical Storm Zeta approaches the Gulf Coast, we wanted to give everyone an update for today, Wed. Oct 28. Our Children’s Program will be operating as normal for pick up and drop off. Since they will be dismissed early today, we will be picking them up at that time. With the storm intensifying around 6pm, we are requesting parents pick up their children as soon as possible this afternoon. All afternoon classes (Tiny Tigers, White, Yellow and Orange Belts) are cancelled. We will conduct their stripe evaluations and Pre-Testing on Mon. Nov 2. Please stay safe and stay tuned  [ Read More ]

October - 20 - 2020
Comments Off on Confidence

Can you think of an area of your life that you would like more confidence? We all have something that we would like to be more sure about. There’s no shame in it. In fact, it makes us human.   Here are my top 3 tips for building more confidence.   1. Get a Mentor Find the expert in the area that you want to improve, and get guidance. We all need direction in life. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Seek help and begin to improve.   There’s no mystery in gaining confidence. You just have to work  [ Read More ]

October - 18 - 2020
Comments Off on Thank You!

As many of you know, the Gulf Coast was recently devastated by Hurricane Sally. Our community experienced a great deal of damage from the high winds, flooding and trees falling on houses and power lines. Unfortunately, our dojang did not go unscathed from this massive storm. We experienced water damage and a variety of other challenges. In the midst of all this struggle, we have been deeply encouraged by the outpouring of love and support from our local family and friends as well as our International Tang Soo Do Federation Family. Choong Jae Nim C. S. Kim and Master Y.  [ Read More ]

October - 18 - 2020
Comments Off on Want to Improve?

Without a doubt, Hurricane Sally wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. Power outages, flooding and trees down were among the challenges we have faced. Many of us are fortunate enough to have recovered from the storm, while others are still putting back the pieces. As a result of the damages sustained at the dojang, we have made many improvements. It’s been a huge reset button for us. It would be easy to fall into the rut of a poor me attitude, but all I see is improvement. In life, it’s easy to get stuck in our routines and become complacent.  [ Read More ]

October - 18 - 2020
Comments Off on Compassion

So what does compassion have to do with the martial arts? More than you might think. Having the ability to look outside ourselves to solve a confrontation takes quite a bit of strength. As we continue to dig deeper, a great question to ask is how do we develop this type of inner strength to practice compassion in daily life? Let’s face it, it’s rather easy to focus on our position in an uncomfortable situation. Here are my top 4 tips to be more compassionate in our daily life. Morning Practice – it’s all about choosing kindness. Make time each  [ Read More ]

October - 16 - 2020
Comments Off on Testing is Next Month!

Our last belt test of 2020 is coming soon. Be sure to be in class and practice at home to prepare for a successful exam. All testings will be available to view through ZOOM & Facebook Live Virtual. Any middle school students in our Children’s Prgm will need to test on Sat., Nov 7. Nov 4 – Tiny Tiger Prgm Test (4:15pm) Nov 6 – Children’s Prgm TestWhite & Yellow Belt @ 2:45pmOrange & Green Belt @ 3:30pmRed – Black Belt @4:30pm Nov 7 – Traditional Prgm TestWhite – Orange Belt @ 9amGreen Belt @ 10:30amRed – Black Belt @  [ Read More ]

October - 4 - 2020
Comments Off on ITF Master & Black Belt Seminar & Test

Due to the current COVID 19 situation, the ITF believes it is in the best interest and safety for everyone that we change the upcoming All Masters and Black Belts Seminar and Examination currently scheduled for October 23rd and 24th in Monroeville, PA.  The All Masters and Black Belts Seminar and Examination will be held at these four locations: Monroeville, PA; The Woodlands, TX; Odenton, MD; and Fenton, MI.  Please see the posters below for dates and schedule.  For those who live outside of the United States, dates and schedules will posted when they are finalized.  By doing this, travel  [ Read More ]

October - 4 - 2020
Comments Off on We Are Back!

After a great deal of team work and long hours, our dojang is back up and going. We still have more improvements that we will be making over the next few months. No need to schedule your classes anymore. Just get to class. 1 Family member per student will be allowed to be inside to observe classes. Please be sure to wear a mask. A BIG BIG thank you to everyone that has helped through your time, kind words, food, funds, etc. You are all amazing! What a wonderful community that extends way beyond the borders of Pensacola.