Have you ever walked into a room with full intention of doing something, and you completely went blank? Being distracted seems to be a common theme these days. Our body is moving in one direction while our mind is headed in another.

One of our many goals in the martial arts is to concentrate in such a way that our mind and body are working as one. (Drum Roll Please) How do we improve our focus? Glad you asked. Here are a few quick tips to get you in the zone.

Write It Down
I can be just as scattered brained as anyone else. By making a To Do list and prioritizing it, I can focus on what needs to be accomplished. When you find your focus wondering, gently pull yourself back to your list.

Take a Break
When we find ourselves in full on distracted mode, try going for a quick walk outside. Clearing your head will often times provide you with the needed break to get your focus back on the task at hand.

Don’t Overload Yourself
Often times, we might be the culprit with our lack of focus. When we overload ourselves with too many projects, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Learn to say no. Less is more.

Slow Down to Go Faster
This is one my personal favorites. Slow down, be mindful and enjoy what you are doing. Be in the moment with the person, project or task. By doing so, we will find more joy.

Improving our focus is like anything else that we do. To improve it, we must work at it. It’s not just about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Best wishes in your journey of a better you! Tang Soo!