Have you ever wondered what was the driving force for successful individuals? Research from West Point has shown that talent and discipline are not exactly the only important ingredients. Discipline is great for staying on task, but not for high challenge achievement.

Individuals that possessed grit were found highly likely to be successful in high challenging environments. So what is grit and how can we get more of it?  Grit is the ability to stick with something and refuse to quit. It’s passion and perseverance. So how do we improve our personal level of grit? Here are a few tips.

Clarity with Purpose
If we know the reason why we are doing something, it makes it a lot easier to stick with it. Reflect on the last thing you gave up. Most of the time, we lost our purpose.  What are your dreams and goals? Be clear with your purpose. Write it down, post it and read it daily.

Nurture Your Enthusiasm
Having enthusiasm is not something that occurs by accident. It’s like taking a shower. You have to take them daily. Find positive ways to build your enthusiasm. The best time is when you start your day. A few examples include listening to positive speakers, reading inspirational material, doing kind deeds and working out. When we are enthusiastic, we are more likely to stay on task with our goals.

Make The Time
When we don’t work on our goals, we run out of fuel to reach our goals. By making time for our passion, we will find improvement and motivation. This is better known as practice:) Again, staying the course is what grit is all about. Block out time and stick with it.

We can all use a little or a lot more grit in our daily lives. By being clear with our purpose, nurturing our enthusiasm and making the time to improve, we will have more grit than John Wayne. Good luck in your journey of a better you. Tang Soo!