Do you ever feel like you are not meeting your expectations? Is it possible to set high expectations without setting ourselves up for failure? With the right plan and mindset, I feel we can.

Here are my top 3 tips with expectations

  1. Be Clear – how can we hit the mark, when expectations are not clear? Be specific with all involved with what you envision to accomplish.
  2. Be Realistic – this is the one that can really knock us off the horse. When setting expectations, we need to be realistic. Be willing to modify expectations if they are not.
  3. Be Reasonable – if you’ve given 100% toward your expectation and didn’t make it, don’t beat yourself up. Analyze the why and realize there’s always tomorrow.

When dealing with expectations, remember to be clear, realistic and reasonable. When looking at our progress from high expectations, realize that you have improved yourself in many ways.