Our challenge this week for all of us is to spread kindness wherever we go. Start with being kind to ourselves through our self talk and care. Like a pebble dropping in a pond, we will be the ripple effect of kindness in our community and beyond.  

Here are my top 3 tips with kindness
1. Smile – as you go about your day, give a smile to others around. It’s really infectious and rather contagious. Be the sunshine in others life through your beautiful smile.

2. Listen – when others speak, listen to understand not respond. We all want to be heard. Nothing shouts kindness more than listening to others, especially when they have a different outlook on a situation.

3. Help others – nothing feels better than helping others around you. It could be a simple task or big project Just give. Remember, giving is living.

We all know how to be kind. Start with a warm smile, listening and helping others. Be the change that we desire to see in this world. Give kindness a try. It’s free.