Learning new things can be both exciting and frustrating. With the right approach, we can really enjoy the process of learning and growing ourselves in the martial arts and in other areas of our life.

As you know, the martial arts is a skill. It takes quite awhile to understand and apply the knowledge gained. We’ve all heard the 10,000 hour idea. It takes 10,000 hrs to achieve a level of mastery with a skill.
When most people hear 10,000 hrs, they get overwhelmed. How about we shift our focus from a long term goal (10,000 hrs) to a more doable short term goal (20 hrs). Studies have shown that individuals that performed 20 hrs of concentrated practice have experienced a sense of getting good at a particular skill.

How about we apply this idea to our Tang Soo Do training. As you begin to learn new skills this week, make a plan to consistently work on these skills outside of class. If you want, the 20 hours can be spread out over the next two months. Chart your hours and see when the magic starts to happen for you.

Obviously, we need to be patient with this process of learning. Be present with your listening and watching when learning. Ask questions when something doesn’t make sense to you.

To make it fun, try video taping your experience. Start with Day 1 and video your new skill. Throughout the process, you will begin to see your transformation.

This week’s goal is to continue developing a mindset of loving to learn. Be patient, be creative, get help and most importantly enjoy.