With testing right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to discuss testing and ways we can make it more enjoyable.  

Prepare for Success – by consistently practicing and attending class, you are setting yourself up for an enjoyable testing experience. Things like suitable rest, hygiene, exercise and nutrition are also important contributing factors to your success.  

Visualize Success – this is a very powerful tool. Highly successful people use it all the time. Picture yourself doing well on each aspect of your exam. We tend to gravitate toward where we focus. So why not focus on doing exceptionally well.  

Be Present – instead of focusing on the part of your exam that you are concerned, try shifting your focus to whatever you are doing in the moment. If you are in ready stance, make your ready stance the best it can be. Being in tune with the now allows us to be better now.  

If you are stressing about your upcoming test, just let it go. Pour your energy into doing the work, visualizing success and giving your best on each aspect of your exam by being present. It’s time to turn stress into enjoyment.  

Best wishes on preparing for a successful exam. You’ve got this! Tang Soo!