Training Tip – Isolate

Have you ever felt a lack of confidence in your training? Maybe it’s a section of a form or perhaps executing a specific technique. We’ve all experienced this feeling.

Your training tip for the week is a great solution for this problem. With commitment and patience you will start to see positive results. I like to refer to it as Isolation Training. Here’s how it works…

1. Get Specific – clearly identify the area of your training that you desire to improve.

2. Wax On Wax Off – practice just that area slowly and repeatedly.

3. Patience Grasshopper – dig in and think about what you are doing and why you are having trouble with that area.

4. Don’t Give Up – by consistently working on the isolated area, you will start to see positive results. You have to keep working at it to receive the reward of improvement.

With consistent practice, you will start to turn an area of your training from a negative to a positive. Isolate it, practice it over and over, put thought into it and break through.

Improvement is waiting, just go get it! Tang Soo!