Want to Improve?

Without a doubt, Hurricane Sally wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. Power outages, flooding and trees down were among the challenges we have faced. Many of us are fortunate enough to have recovered from the storm, while others are still putting back the pieces.

As a result of the damages sustained at the dojang, we have made many improvements. It’s been a huge reset button for us. It would be easy to fall into the rut of a poor me attitude, but all I see is improvement.

In life, it’s easy to get stuck in our routines and become complacent. Most of the time, we start making improvements due to a life changing event.

My encouragement this week is that we don’t wait for a tragedy to occur for us to make needed changes. What do you want to improve? Make an improvement list, formulate a plan, then go get it. Excited to hear about your improvement success stories.. Ready, Set, Time to Improve!