Need More Patience???

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick up more patience from the store? Or even better yet, we could put it on our Amazon Prime reoccurring shopping list. It magically just shows up at your front door each month. Waaa-la! If it were just that easy, right? We can all use some extra patience. How can we get more? Let’s take a look.

Start Small – If you are lacking in the patience department, start working on being successful with the little things. Little by little, you will build your patience for the bigger situations.

Have a Plan – Having a plan will be a huge help in this endeavor of improving your patience. Make an agreement with yourself to walk away, take a few calming breaths or just remember this person or situation is not worth you getting upset over. When you start to feel like your losing your patience use your plan to help you not blow your stack.

Balance – When we are getting good rest, eating right and exercising, we feel more balanced. Lower or take away one or all of these and we are setting ourselves up failure. Get your rest, eat healthy and don’t skip your workouts. Doctors orders.:)

Patience is a virtue, and it takes some work. By starting small, having a plan and living a balanced life, we will develop more patience. The journey of improving your patience starts with yourself. Best wishes to a more patient you!