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December - 2 - 2019
Comments Off on Belt Promotions & Christmas Party

It’s almost here! Our Belt Promotions & Christmas Party will be held at the Beulah Freewill Baptist Church on Fri., Dec 13 (6pm). After the promotions, we will have our annual potluck dinner and party in the fellowship hall. A sign up sheet is now available in the main area of the dojang. For those that want to participate, we will also have a gift exchange ($10). We look forward to seeing you and your family at this exciting event!

December - 2 - 2019
Comments Off on Goals

How did you do with your goals in 2019? Did you achieve all or most of them? As we steadily move toward 2020, why not start now in setting some smart goals. First, what makes a goal SMART? Glad you asked. S – Specific M – MeasurableA – AccountableR – RealisticT – Timeline Once you’ve set your smart goals, here are my top three tips to help you achieve them.1. Read it Daily – Put your goals on your mirror, fridge, etc. 2. Plan for Success – Develop a realistic game plan that will help you achieve your goal.3. Small  [ Read More ]

November - 4 - 2019
Comments Off on ***Sparring Gear Flash $ale***

If you need sparring gear, you won’t want to miss this sale. Get an entire Century Sparring Gear Set (Headgear, Mouth guard & Case, Hands, Feet, Mesh Bag) for only $80. Hurry! Sale ends this Wednesday, November 6th.

November - 1 - 2019
Comments Off on Important Testing Reminders

As we close in on testing, we we want to make sure you have all the information to prepare. You MUST Qualify Before Testing Attend our Pre-Test on October 30 and/or Nov 5.   Pre-Testing is our system to make sure that a student is actually ready to test.  To qualify, a student must demonstrate EFFORT and SHOW THAT THEY KNOW IT. Testing Date/Time Options Once a student qualifies at our Pre-Test, they will registration online.  For your convenience, color belts will have two options. Green – Blue Belt Exam – Nov 14 (3pm) or Nov 15 (6pm) White – Orange  [ Read More ]

October - 15 - 2019
Comments Off on Mindfulness

Do you ever feel like you are everywhere but where you are? Constantly? You are not alone. Even the famous jedi master, Luke Skywalker, was chastised by Yoda for his inability to stay present. So what do we do to not feel so stretched out and more in the moment? Glad you asked. Here are a few tips to help with being more mindful. Slow Down Our society moves at a very rapid pace. When you start to feel yourself falling into the fast lane, stop and take a breath. Slow down and focus on what you are doing. Practice  [ Read More ]

August - 26 - 2019
Comments Off on Belt Promotions

We are looking forward to everyone getting promoted to their next rank on Thurs., Aug 29 (during class time) at the dojang. If you are unable to make it, please send us a quick message so we can plan on promoting you and/or your child at the next class.  Unless told otherwise, we will promote our After School Prgm students during their class time. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

August - 26 - 2019
Comments Off on Balance

I’ll never forget the day that I discovered a simple way to improve my balance. Let me explain.When I was a kid, we would do an exercise in class that would require balance on one leg. The non supporting leg would be bent and rotate clockwise then counter clockwise. Many of us would wobble around, while the senior students would stay steady and balanced.After feeling a bit frustrated, I carefully watched my instructor, Master King. I discovered one thing that she was doing that I was not. She focused her eyes on one point and was extremely balanced. I gave  [ Read More ]

August - 12 - 2019
Comments Off on Quality

One of the many things that I thoroughly enjoy about my Instructor, Choong Jae Nim C. S. Kim, is his desire for quality. On many occasions, I’ve been in his class with Masters and Black Belts and we didn’t get past choon bee (ready stance) for about ten minutes. His desire for excellence comes out in his teaching and through his personal demonstration of how to preform Tang Soo Do. Many of you have not had the privilege training with him yet, so here are a few tips I have learned under his direction. SLOW DOWN He constantly reminds us  [ Read More ]

April - 16 - 2019
Comments Off on This Week’s WOW (Word of Week) – Fear

One of my biggest fears growing up was dogs. I love dogs now, but when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I would stay away from dogs like the plague.  My fear stemmed from a horrible experience at age 3. While petting a dog, I end up getting bit several times.  My fear kept me from enjoying the connection with these loyal animals. Finally, my parents helped me overcome my fear by getting me my own puppy. Now our family has enjoyed bonding with dogs and my fear is gone. Do you have a fear that’s stopping you from  [ Read More ]

April - 16 - 2019
Comments Off on Spring ITF Black Belt Exam a Success!

April 13th – A BIG congratulations to all the International Tang Soo Do Federation students that attended the Spring Black Belt Examination in Pensacola, FL!  Everyone did a wonderful job and displayed good Tang Soo spirit. A special thank you to Master Y.D. Kim (TX), Master Brown (GA), Master & Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy (LA), Master Joiner (AL), Master Adele Gibson (FL), Master Ince (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Dufour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Vallad (MI), Kyo Sa Nim & Mrs. Mouallem (TX) for making the day run smoothly. The event was successful as a result of their professionalism, teamwork and  [ Read More ]