One More Time

Whenever I hear my instructor, Grandmaster C. S. Kim, say one more time, a smile will come across my face. Let me explain.  

The one more time concept is all about doing something again and again until we get it right. It’s going back and understanding the skill. This often time goes from one more time to several more times. Most people don’t like repeating something. However, the positive results speak for themselves.  

My encouragement for everyone is to use this concept inside and outside of the dojang. Is there something that you are doing that needs several more reps to get it right? It takes patience to achieve the quality that we are after.  

As you go throughout your day, put this concept into motion. By doing it one more time, we can be our best. When I hear the statement, “One more time” from my instructor, I realize that we are not necessarily doing it once more. We are on the path to improvement. However many “one more times” are needed.