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January - 19 - 2021
Comments Off on Need More Patience???

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick up more patience from the store? Or even better yet, we could put it on our Amazon Prime reoccurring shopping list. It magically just shows up at your front door each month. Waaa-la! If it were just that easy, right? We can all use some extra patience. How can we get more? Let’s take a look. Start Small – If you are lacking in the patience department, start working on being successful with the little things. Little by little, you will build your patience for the bigger situations. Have a Plan –  [ Read More ]

January - 11 - 2021
Comments Off on Taking Steps Toward Your Goals?

How are your goals going for 2021? Writing down our goals can be really exciting, but it’s the next step that most people struggle. It’s getting started. Need some help? Keep reading. Make a Plan – Working on your goals without a plan is like trying to find your destination without a map. When developing your plan, make sure to be realistic in your approach. Small doable steps is a smart way to help you get started. Too big of action steps can often lead us to not doing anything at all. Keep it simple. No Excuses – A million  [ Read More ]

December - 22 - 2020
Comments Off on Thank You!

Since this is the last week of classes for 2020, I wanted to use this space to simply express my gratitude to you and your family. Needless to say, this has been the most challenging years of our school since its humble beginning in 1996. When the world wide pandemic arrived on our door step, you didn’t quit. You kept going. We all stumbled together through Facebook Live Classes and ZOOM. Virtual testing was crazy, but we did it. Thank you. When we finally got back to in person classes, we got rocked with a devastating Hurricane. What a mess.  [ Read More ]

December - 15 - 2020
Comments Off on Got Goals? Make them SMART

It’s that time of year again. You know, when we all start to figure out what we want to accomplish. So what goals do you want to reach in 2021? Maybe it’s to improve your fitness, relationships or financial situation. Whatever your goals are this year, let’s make them SMART Goals. Let me explain. S = Specific Smart Goals are very specific. If you want to accomplish a specific thing, you will need to articulate it. Write down your specific goals, post them in a visible location and read them daily. M = Measurable Smart Goals are also measured. In  [ Read More ]

December - 9 - 2020
Comments Off on GoT sTrEsS???

Have you ever noticed how the most joyous time of the year is often the most stressful time of the year? Our stress can often times be avoided, and be replaced with joy. Here are my top 3 tips to help us deal with stress. #1 Giving is Living – slow down and look at what we are doing as a gift vs as a chore. The best gift is that of giving of ourselves. Giving brings about joy in our heart. Give-Give-Give. #2 Just Say No – overloading ourselves with too much can be a big contributor to stress.  [ Read More ]

December - 2 - 2020
Comments Off on Are You a Finisher?

Doesn’t it feel great to finish something that you started? Were you able to complete many of your goals from last January? As we begin to approach the end of this very bizarre year, let’s finish strong. Taking inventory of goals that we set out to complete is a great idea. Careful to not start beating yourself up for the area(s) that you fell short. We are simply shining a light of encouragement to finish what we have set out to accomplish. I’m all about the life filled with goals. It gives us direction on where we want to go  [ Read More ]

October - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on Testing Schedule

The last test for 2020 is almost here! Once you and/or your child pass Pre-Test, you will be eligible to register on Wednesday, November 3 via PTSDA Karate Facebook page. Below are the dates and times for the examinations. Nov 4Tiny Tiger Belt TestingTigers that have earned all 5 stripes on their belt will be eligible to test on this day during their class time. Students that did not earn all their stripes are encouraged to stay home. Nov 6Children’s Prgm Belt TestingWhite – Yellow Belts (2:45pm)Orange – Green Belts (3:30pm)Red – Black Belts (4:30pm) Nov 7Traditional Prgm Belt TestingWhite  [ Read More ]

October - 29 - 2020
Comments Off on Testing

With testing right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to discuss testing and ways we can make it more enjoyable.   Prepare for Success – by consistently practicing and attending class, you are setting yourself up for an enjoyable testing experience. Things like suitable rest, hygiene, exercise and nutrition are also important contributing factors to your success.   Visualize Success – this is a very powerful tool. Highly successful people use it all the time. Picture yourself doing well on each aspect of your exam. We tend to gravitate toward where we focus. So why  [ Read More ]

October - 28 - 2020
Comments Off on Tropical Storm Zeta Update

As Tropical Storm Zeta approaches the Gulf Coast, we wanted to give everyone an update for today, Wed. Oct 28. Our Children’s Program will be operating as normal for pick up and drop off. Since they will be dismissed early today, we will be picking them up at that time. With the storm intensifying around 6pm, we are requesting parents pick up their children as soon as possible this afternoon. All afternoon classes (Tiny Tigers, White, Yellow and Orange Belts) are cancelled. We will conduct their stripe evaluations and Pre-Testing on Mon. Nov 2. Please stay safe and stay tuned  [ Read More ]

September - 21 - 2020
Comments Off on Clean Up – Mon & Tues

Hope you are all safe. We finally made it back last night and are glad to be home. 🙁🙁🙁 Pensacola got hit hard. Our community has been working around the clock to get up and running. Our family spent Sunday working on our house. We were fortunate to not get a lot of damage. We plan to head out and assess the dojang on Monday. If you would like to help, come by after 1pm. We will need the morning to evaluate and formulate our plan of action. Feel free to call ahead or stop in if you plan to  [ Read More ]