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July - 6 - 2020
Comments Off on Purpose

Have you ever been in a point in your life and felt like a ship without a rudder? Continuously spinning in circles? Finding a clear course in life is important for all of us. However, finding it is not an easy task. What is your passion? Discover what you enjoy and pursue it. Life is too short to live in regret. Willing to Fail? When chasing your dreams, you will hit brick walls and find yourself on your back from the fall. Be willing to fall, learn from it and get back up. Give It Away Now Whether you find  [ Read More ]

June - 30 - 2020
Comments Off on Training Tip – Isolate

Have you ever felt a lack of confidence in your training? Maybe it’s a section of a form or perhaps executing a specific technique. We’ve all experienced this feeling. Your training tip for the week is a great solution for this problem. With commitment and patience you will start to see positive results. I like to refer to it as Isolation Training. Here’s how it works… 1. Get Specific – clearly identify the area of your training that you desire to improve. 2. Wax On Wax Off – practice just that area slowly and repeatedly. 3. Patience Grasshopper – dig  [ Read More ]

June - 29 - 2020
Comments Off on What is PMA?

Having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is easy to have when everything is going our way. When times are tough (like now), we need to double down on nurturing our PMA. So, how can we get and stay positive? The late Zig Ziglar would often say that your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. So true. Here are a few tips to help us get on the right track. Guard Your Intake – a steady diet of negativity breeds negativity. Fill your cup each day with positivity. Give – nothing helps our attitude and well being more than  [ Read More ]

June - 25 - 2020
Comments Off on Health Opportunities

Sometimes our health improvement opportunities are right in front of us. With a little nudge, we can all get on track with being better than we were yesterday. Here are a few tips from the experts at the American Cancer Society.   Make TV time active time: Stand up and fold laundry while you watch. Do a few simple exercises like jumping jacks or walking in place, or by doing stretches in front of the screen. Make a new rule: No sitting during commercials.   Make household chores count: Mop or vacuum fast enough to get your heart pumping. A  [ Read More ]

June - 24 - 2020
Comments Off on Power Up

Do you struggle to get motivated in the morning? If yes, you are not alone. Most people feel like they have 100lb weights on their legs in the morning. So what can we do to put a pep in our step? A daily Power Up might be just what you need. It’s really simple and doesn’t require more than a little prior planning and determination to stick with it. Here’s my simplistic approach to a daily Power Up Think – As soon as you wake up. Start with thinking or saying aloud what you are thankful for in your life.  [ Read More ]

June - 22 - 2020
Comments Off on Focus

Did any of you put on your parents glasses when you were a kid? Wow! What an experience, right? Everything was so blurry. How did they see anything. As adults, we understand how they could not see anything without them:) Focus is such a big part of the martial arts and life in general. Do you ever feel like life is getting blurry and your focus is all over the place? We all do at times. There’s a saying that helps remind me about my focus. It goes, Where our focus goes, our energy flows. What really matters to you?  [ Read More ]

June - 17 - 2020
Comments Off on Healthy Mind

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve focused a great deal on having a healthy body. Greatly needed, right? Even more important is to make sure that we maintain a healthy mind. It’s all connected. Here are a few quick tips to get us on the right track. • Stay Active – when the stinking thinking starting to set in, get up and get moving. Be sure to have a regular exercise routine to help your mind feel as equally fantastic as your body. • We are what we eat– having a balanced diet has a direct impact on how  [ Read More ]

June - 9 - 2020
Comments Off on Balance

Balance is such a big part of what we do in Tang Soo Do. When we start class, we have a moment of silence. This time is to help us get balanced for class. Taking deep cleansing breaths helps us to focus our mind on the task at hand. With our mind focused, we will easily detect when our body is not balanced. With this awareness, we can calibrate ourselves so that we are more centered. When we close class, we finish with another moment of silence. This time is great for reflecting what we completed. Try starting the day  [ Read More ]

June - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Phase 2 is Here!

We are excited to share the great news that we will be starting in person classes by appointment on Monday, June 8th. At this time, we will continue to offer virtual classes (Facebook Live and ZOOM) side by side with our in person classes. Please check your email for details on class times, procedures to enter and how to schedule your class appointment. If you do not currently receive emails from us, please fill out a request form on our home page of our website. We can’t wait to see everyone in class next week! TANG SOO!

June - 3 - 2020
Comments Off on Get Outside

Health professionals agree that getting outside is a wonderful way to boost our well being. Here are a few scientifically proven reasons why we should get outdoors. Relieve Stress – High blood pressure and depression have been linked to stress. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors decreases stress and increases rejuvenation. Live Longer– Longevity has been connected to being outdoors. Getting outside helps improve your heart and mental health. Weight Management – Getting outside regularly for a walk, bike ride, swim equals shedding those unwanted pounds. I agree to use caution when going outside, but let’s not let our  [ Read More ]