Do you ever find yourself so stuck in your ways that compromise is not an option? Trust me, I understand. I’m a very stubborn person. However, I’ve found more peace when I remember to be flexible.

Here are a few tips to help with being flexible.

Take a Breath
When you find you are losing patience with a person, stop and take a breath. Breathing helps us to calm down and be more flexible. Feel the emotions, but breathe to supply you with the needed flexibility to find the solution for the situation.

Practice Makes Better
To improve any area of our life, we just have to work at it consistently. Start with being flexible in trivial situations. Strive to be less rigid and more understanding. Becoming more flexible in small ordeals will help us to become more rational when the big challenges hit us in life.

Win By Losing
Often times, we may feel like we are losing when we choose to be kind over being right. The thought of listening to another person’s perspective is often viewed as weakness. Personally, I feel it takes a great deal of strength to truly listen to a different opinion. By being flexible in those type of situations, we can be respectful and build bridges.

Flexibility is great for both the mind and body. By taking a breath, working at it and letting go we will find more peace and balance in our daily life.ย  Best wishes in your journey of a better you. Tang Soo!