Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Like most years, we have all experienced the ups and downs of life. Friends and family pass on and the birth of little ones brings joy to our hearts.ย  More than ever, it feels like there is so much hate and indifference in this world. We could all use more kindness.ย  So what can we do to get the ball rolling with this kindness business?
Here are my two quick tips that will be easy to implement today.
Start With You
If we aren’t kind to ourselves with our self talk and/or actions, how can we be kind to others? Start each morning with a positive self talk. Take time to read and listen to things to help take care of you. Make the time. You are worth it.
Practice Random Acts of Kindness
Make it a daily goal to do random kind deeds for others without desiring anything in return. It’s simple, fun and feels great. It’s such a win/win. Do it:)With all the crazy in this world, why don’t be the change that we all desire to see and feel. Start with yourself and practice random acts of kindness each day.ย  Best wishes in your journey of a better you and a better world. Tang Soo!