So what does compassion have to do with the martial arts?

More than you might think. Having the ability to look outside ourselves to solve a confrontation takes quite a bit of strength. As we continue to dig deeper, a great question to ask is how do we develop this type of inner strength to practice compassion in daily life?

Let’s face it, it’s rather easy to focus on our position in an uncomfortable situation.

Here are my top 4 tips to be more compassionate in our daily life.

  1. Morning Practice – it’s all about choosing kindness. Make time each morning to make a plan of being more compassionate. Have a plan of looking beyond frustrations that others normally bring us and replace it with a understanding that everyone is suffering in small and big ways. Strive to find a win/win solution.
  2. Shift Your Focus – where is our focus often times? It’s on ourselves right? That’s not a bad thing, but we need to look beyond ourselves to find the solution. Work on thinking about the other person. Put yourself in their shoes.
  3. Find Common Ground – at the root of it all, we are all human beings. Strive to focus on common ground between you and others.
  4. Evening Reflection – at the end of the day, look back on your day and think about your victories and areas that you could have been more compassionate.

We improve by making compassion a daily plan, shifting our focus, finding common ground and reflection. I hope this helps to encourage you to be more compassionate. Honestly, compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Best wishes in your pursuit of being more balanced in your daily life.