Do you ever catch yourself being a little too serious? With the various stresses of life on your shoulders, it’s not that difficult to forget to have fun. Here are a few ways we can start having more fun in our daily life.

What’s Your Fun?
Define what fun is for you. It’s different for everyone. Been awhile? Think about the last time you felt real joy when doing something. Do that. Still struggling? Try going for a bike ride, throw or kick a ball with the kids, play hide and seek, play tag, play a video game with your kids, build a fort, go for a scavenger hunt.

Make the Time
If you are all dried up in the fun department, you’re going to need to be creative and make the time. Make it apart of your daily goals. The crazy thing is that fun will start becoming one of your positive daily habits.

This is your journey. Get out there and discover what is fun for you. Be creative and make time for your peace of mind. Ready, set, time to have fun!