Yellow Belt

9th Gup to 8th Gup Rank Requirements

Yellow to Orange Belt

Below are the requirements for students to earn their Orange Belt.  It typically takes a student 3 months to learn the skills and test.  Visit our Events Page to see when the next available test will take place.

Form:Basic Form #2 (Giecho Hyung Ee Bo) (Video)
Basics:Yellow Belt Basics (Korean/English) (PDF)
Self Defense (13 & older):#3 & 4 (Video)
One-Step Sparring (13 & older):#3 & 4 (Video)
Long Distant Sparring Combinations
(12 & younger):
#3 & 4 (Video)
Breaking:Teen/Adult – Outside/In Knife Hand
12 & Younger – Downward Hammer Fist
Terminology:Yellow Belt Terminology (PDF)