When starting something new, it’s easy to be excited. After the newness has worn off, most people struggle with being consistent.ย  So how do you stay consistent? Great question. In my humble opinion, there’s more than one thing that we need to do. Here are a few tips to help you stay consistent.PURPOSE
When we know our why, it’s easier to be consistent. I want be healthier, so going for this walk will be enjoyable. If you’re a visual person, try writing down your purpose and post it in a visible place Read it daily.


When you are struggling with being consistent, try thinking about the result of doing the task. We all know the feeling we get from completing a task or doing something to help complete the task.GET IT IN THE HABIT
We are all creatures of habit. With this in mind, develop activities around the goal that you have set forth. Be specific. On this day/time, I will do (fill in the blank) . If we give ourselves too many outs, we will derail ourselves.

Our belief system has a dramatic effect on whether we are consistent or not. Be aware that stinking thinking doesn’t creep in and ruin our pursuit towards success. Keep telling yourself, I CAN DO IT.If you are struggling with being consistent, be patient and keep plugging away. Life can be challenging, but we can find more peace and joy through consistently doing the right things.