When was the last time you heard the word diligence used in a conversation? Exactly. I can’t remember either. As a preacher’s kid (pk), I would hear this word all the time:)

So why are we talking about diligence this week? It is all about becoming the best version of ourselves. Let’s take a look.

Diligence is the quality of being constant with careful effort. It’s something that a lot of people struggle with in their daily journey. Let’s face it. Being constant takes work and can be challenging at times. To help us get on the right track, here are a few tips for you.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
This is such a great one. Having a plan will give us a road map to where we are headed. No plan = no diligence. Prepare for success with a solid plan.

Manage Your Time
A diligent individual manages their time to ensure they accomplish their goals. Sometimes you simply have to say no to things/activities that will interrupt your ability to stay on task.

Track Your Progress
When we can see that we are closing in on success, we stay motivated. If you are a visual person, create a chart that helps you see your progress.

The word diligence is not used often these days, but we could use more of it in our society. By making a solid plan, managing your time and tracking your progress, we can be more diligent. Good luck in your journey of a better you. Tang Soo!