Nothing beats the feeling of confidence and everything beats the feeling of a lack of confidence. We’ve all experienced both sides of the spectrum.So what can we do to avoid that fretful feeling and replace it with a strong sense of I can do this type attitude?Here are a few tips to build your confidence.

Consistent Practice
By working at something regularly, you are going to get better at it. We all know that as we improve in an activity, we receive the gift of confidence. Do the work. Be relentless.

Avoid Stinking Thinking
It’s easy to be positive when we are good at something. If you are lacking confidence, keep focusing on the positive. Find the silver lining.ย  PMA (positive mental attitude) will help you to the road of having more confidence.Stand on the

Shoulders of Giants
Study individuals that are great at what you want to be great. See what they are doing that you are not. No need to reinvent the wheel. There’s always a map to success. Find it follow it and become more confident.Build more confidence in your daily life by being relentless, staying positive and learning from the greats. It’s your time. Go get it!