This Week’s WOW (Word of the Week) – TEST

How do you feel when you hear the word, TEST?  If you feel anxiety, you are not alone. Most people feel this with testing, and it obviously affects our performance. I would like to share a few tips about testing that can change this feeling of anxiety to excitement.The first thing about testing is to adjust your perception. It’s simply a challenge and challenges can make us better. Look at it as an opportunity to grow yourself. The next thing is prior planning prevents poor performance.  In other words, consistently practice and study. By consistently doing the work, you can walk into your exam with a sense of confidence.

My last testing tip is all about being present minded. It’s actually rather simple. Whatever you are doing make sure it’s your best. If you make a mistake, which you will, just let it go and focus on being your best at whatever you are doing.

With testing right around the corner, I want to encourage everyone to change your perception about testing, practice more and give your best in the moment. Every time we overcome these challenges, we become a stronger human being. You’ve got this!

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it. -Art Williams