This Week’s WOW (Word of Week) – Fear

One of my biggest fears growing up was dogs. I love dogs now, but when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I would stay away from dogs like the plague.  My fear stemmed from a horrible experience at age 3. While petting a dog, I end up getting bit several times.  My fear kept me from enjoying the connection with these loyal animals. Finally, my parents helped me overcome my fear by getting me my own puppy. Now our family has enjoyed bonding with dogs and my fear is gone.

Do you have a fear that’s stopping you from enjoying life? A lot of times, fear stems from the unknown. Start learning about what you fear, become knowledgeable in that subject. You may not overcome it, but you can create respect and understanding.  If you overcome your fear, you will have a new sense of confidence. Don’t let life pass you by because of fear.