We are a few weeks into our new school year, and I believe all of us could use some renewal of our minds and bodies. The new school semester along with COVID 19 has presented a slew of challenges for all of us. No details needed, right? To help us manage our frustration and road to burnout, let’s adopt some strategies to help us refresh ourselves.

Here are my top 3 tips to recharge your batteries

  1. Get Out in Nature – go for a hike, swim in the river or kayaking are great ways to recharge your batteries. There’s something healing about getting out of the rat race and getting out into nature. Give it a try!
  2. Stop & Breathe – when you find a person that has a very busy mind, you will usually find that person has a busy body too. Constantly moving. Guilty. I’ve found that by taking 15-20 minutes of quiet time helps to renew the mind and body.
  3. Change It Up – when you feel like you are heading toward frustration and burn out, pause and see if you can change up what you are currently doing. A simple change up in your routine can give you that extra spark needed to help renew yourself.

I hope this helps to encourage you to take time each day to renew your spirit. Renewing ourselves is like taking a shower. If we don’t do it often, we will feel stinky. Best wishes in your pursuit of being and giving your best!

Make time to be still and breathe.