Slow Down To Go Faster

I simply love the old saying, Slow Down to Go Faster. At first glance, the statement seems contradictory. By digging deeper and applying it, one can really benefit from this concept.

Here are a few ideas to use this idea in your next practice session.

  1. Basics – slow it way down and analyze your breathing, chambers, posture, execution, stances, balance, etc.
  2. Forms – by letting your foot off the gas pedal, you will begin to work on improving the mechanics of your techniques. More purpose of your movements will begin to reveal themselves.
  3. One-Step Sparring – think about the concept of your techniques. Are you absorbing the punch, evading it? Slowing down will help you connect the dots from ready stance all the way to completing the skills.
  4. Self Defense – work on understanding how you grab and moving your body in the correct direction. Break down the little pieces that will make you effective.
  5. Breaking – break down your break (pun intended). Think about the core skill and refine that skill on a very basic level. Flying side kick – work on your side kick. Take baby steps to help you understand and build confidence.
Slow down to go faster