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Posted by Master Dufour on August - 10 - 2020 | Comments Off on Balance

Doesn’t it feel great when you achieve balance? Perhaps, it’s just simply replacing wobbling with stability. Often times, it can be a simple adjustment to get us centered.

Here are my top 3 tips with balance

  1. Focus on one thing – focus your eyes on one point. Push away distractions and think about what you are doing. Focused mind = focused body.
  2. Stay Centered – our head is like a bowling ball. Tip it too far in any direction and falling in that direction is inevitable. Keep your head and spine aligned.
  3. Analyze – if you find yourself off balance on a consistent basis, take some time to think about it. Which direction am I falling? Why am I falling? Video tape yourself doing the skill. If all else fails, ask us for help:)

Balance is important in both Tang Soo Do and life. My encouragement for all of us this week is take steps toward more balance in our daily journey.

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