PTSDA Instructors Attend ITF Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)

October 5-7, 2018 – Masters and Black Belts from the PTSDA Karate traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to train with Grandmaster C.S. Kim at the ITF Instructor Conference and testing.  Under the watchful eye of the Grandmaster and the Technical Advisory Committee, the participants trained for several hours to ensure that their technique was of the highest quality.

Following the seminar, Master Chris Joiner, Kendall Chancellor, Andie Gibson and Adele Gibson did their re certification exam.  They all did a wonderful job.  According to Chris Dufour, “Being a Master or Black Belt at our school means that you have more responsibility not less.  I’m so proud that our advanced students embrace this philosophy of being the example. ”       

Everyone walked away from the event with a feeling of family, community and more practice is needed.  Keep alert to the ITF website for future federation events that you could participate.

Left to right:
Terri Dufour, Adele Gibson, Kendall Chancellor, Chris Dufour, Andie Gibson, Chris Joiner
Middle: Grandmaster C. S. Kim