This Week’s WOW (Word of Week) – Wisdom

Many moons ago, my family moved from Indiana to Delaware.  My father became the new minister at a local church and inherited a lot of problems.

The financially struggling Church had experienced a major split.  One of many poor decisions was to sell bonds.  I’ll never forget this sticker they had with an owl on it reading, “Be Wise Buy Bonds.”  Long story short, my father persisted with wisdom (unlike the sticker). Very slowly, the Church was able to get out of financial ruin and is thriving today due to my father’s wisdom.

We all desire to have more wisdom in our daily life.  Often times, we become wiser by learning from our own mistakes, victories and other life experiences.  My encouragement for this week is to become wiser in our daily lives. When faced with a situation, ask yourself, “What is the WISE choice?”

Take small steps toward becoming wiser in your daily journey. Good Luck!