I’ll never forget the day that I discovered a simple way to improve my balance. Let me explain.When I was a kid, we would do an exercise in class that would require balance on one leg. The non supporting leg would be bent and rotate clockwise then counter clockwise. Many of us would wobble around, while the senior students would stay steady and balanced.After feeling a bit frustrated, I carefully watched my instructor, Master King. I discovered one thing that she was doing that I was not. She focused her eyes on one point and was extremely balanced.

I gave it a try and my balance improved immediately. This revelation sparked motivation in my heart. I started to apply this with other areas of my training and life.

This simple lesson in balance is a great life lesson in finding more balance in our daily life. Often times we are imbalanced due to our lack of focus. Slow down, focus on the task at hand, be present and discover more balance in your life. It’s a simple adjustment but one that will spark motivation within you.