We have all experienced the sting of defeat in our life. Perhaps it was a relationship, competition or career.ย  After we experience failure, what’s next?

We can choose to wallow in our failure and loathe in self pity. There’s also the blame game. These traps are easy to fall into after we fail. The challenge with these solutions is that we don’t learn and grow from the experience.ย  Here are a few tips to help us deal with failures.

Use Your Energy to Improve
When you fail, focus on the truth of why you actually failed. Focus your energy on what you can do to improve yourself. Be relentless.

Failure is NOT a person
Realize that failing is an event not a person. When you don’t get the gold medal that you worked so hard to accomplish, focus on how you have improved. It will also help if you focus on gratitude to be able to do the activity.

Prepare for Success
If you don’t prepare for success, you are headed toward failure. Do the consistent work necessary to succeed. Develop a solid plan for yourself that will lead you to improvement.

We’ve all experienced the sting of defeat, but hopefully now you can navigate around the pitfalls of non learning solutions. Use the sting of defeat to push you towards learning from the experience and making you a better individual.