How many of you can recall being told to focus? Me too. How many of you were shown how to actually focus? Exactly. Not many of us were formally shown how to focus our mind and body on what we are doing.

The martial arts is a wonderful tool to help a person improve their focus. The disciplined environment encourages individuals to be present minded with the task at hand.

Here’s a simple method that can help each of us improve our focus. Visualize a spot light on a stage beaming down on an object. The light is our focus and the object is our task. When you are doing a task this week, try visualizing the spot light on the task. When your focus is off the task, gently remind yourself to bring it back to the task.

Through consistent practice, you will find that your focus will improve. The benefits of your improved focus will feel fantastic too. Now it’s time to start making it happen. Ready, Set, Time to Go Get It!