This Week’s WOW (Word of the Week) – Stress

One of the top things that destroy our overall health is stress. We all have stress in our life, but the question is how do we deal with it in a productive manner?  Some people internalize their stress, while others take it out on others around them. Here are a few tips to help you manage your stress.Is it really worth the fuss?

It’s easy for life to get us bogged down. Sometimes the most trivial things get under our skin. When you start to feel stressed, ask yourself if this will matter in a hundred years.Create an Outlet

Nothing feels better than a great workout. Try going for a walk, riding a bike, do martial arts, lift weights, yoga, swimming, etc. Find a positive activity that you can consistently do to manage your stress.Write it Down

When you start to feel overwhelmed, try writing down what things are needing to be done. Prioritize your list and start working on it. There’s something about seeing what’s stressing us, then doing something about it that feels great.I hope this helps you. Remember, don’t stress just give your best.