Summer Sun – Summer Fun

Living on the Gulf Coast, we have many opportunities year round in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy playing at the beach, kayaking on the river or visiting a local park for a hike, we have it. As it starts to warm up, here are a few tips to beat the heat and stay healthy.

  • Screen Up – lather up and avoid becoming a piece of bacon. Reapplying throughout the day to keep your skin healthy and happy.
  • Hydrate – try switching sugary drinks for good old fashioned water. Take a bottle wherever you go and drink up throughout the day.
  • Eat Healthy – enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are delicious and nutritious.
  • Watch the Heat – keep informed on heat advisory warnings.
  • Early or Late? – do your more strenuous outdoor activities earlier or later instead of when the temperatures go through the roof.

Looking forward to having an awesome summer. Stay cool, stay active, stay healthy everyone:)