Spring ITF Black Belt Exam a Success!

April 13th – A BIG congratulations to all the International Tang Soo Do Federation students that attended the Spring Black Belt Examination in Pensacola, FL!  Everyone did a wonderful job and displayed good Tang Soo spirit.

A special thank you to Master Y.D. Kim (TX), Master Brown (GA), Master & Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy (LA), Master Joiner (AL), Master Adele Gibson (FL), Master Ince (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Dufour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Vallad (MI), Kyo Sa Nim & Mrs. Mouallem (TX) for making the day run smoothly. The event was successful as a result of their professionalism, teamwork and dedication.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

An extra special thank you to Mr. Richardson and Marcus Pointe Baptist Church for allowing us to hold our event at their beautiful facility.   The Fall Black Belt Examination will be held in Texas.  Stay tuned for more details.

IMG_0323Group Picture (1st row – left to right) Master Ince (TX), Master Joiner (AL), Master Brown (GA), Master Y. D. Kim (TX), Master DuFour (FL), Master Kennedy (LA), Master Adele Gibson (FL)
(2nd row – left to right) Kyo Sa Nim Vallad (MI), Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy (LA), Master Richard Gibson (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Mouallem (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Nim Penson (TX), Kyo Sa Nim Harman (TX), Kyo Sa Nim DuFour (FL), Kyo Sa Nim Kiliszewski (TX)