Important Testing Reminders

As we close in on testing, we we want to make sure you have all the information to prepare.

You MUST Qualify Before Testing
Attend our Pre-Test on October 30 and/or Nov 5.   Pre-Testing is our system to make sure that a student is actually ready to test.  To qualify, a student must demonstrate EFFORT and SHOW THAT THEY KNOW IT.

Testing Date/Time Options
Once a student qualifies at our Pre-Test, they will registration online.  For your convenience, color belts will have two options.

  • Green – Blue Belt Exam – Nov 14 (3pm) or Nov 15 (6pm)
  • White – Orange Belt Exam – Nov 15 (3pm) or Nov 16 (9am)
  • Testing for Black Belt or Black Belt Recert – Nov 16 (11am)