Concerned about COVID-19?

Concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak? We are too.
Here’s what we’re doing at the PTSDA Karate:

  1. We’ll be using Hand Sanitize before entering the mat. 60% or greater alcohol content is recommended – ours has 70% and includes aloe to help with skin irritation.
  2. We’re wiping down touch surfaces with sanitizer and spraying Lysol on soft surfaces, allowing time to dry.
  3. We’re mopping all floors with a leave-on anti-viral cleaner several times a week.
  4. If a staff member feels sick, we’re sending them home or encouraging them to stay away. If a child appears to be sick or is warm/hot to the touch, we send them home immediately. If a child is out of school sick, they CAN NOT attend class that day.
  5. We will temporarily stop the handshaking before, during and after class.
  6. After using the bathroom, everyone should wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and hand-sanitizer is required before re-entering the mat.
  7. The CDC does not recommend the use of masks, and we will not be using them ore encouraging students/visitors to the studio to use them.

Thanks for doing your part to keep us all healthy and strong!